A Final Note From NPR Berlin

As we mark the end of NPR’s operations of the station in Berlin, we’d like to thank our many listeners in the Berlin metropolitan area for your support over the past 10 years. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve this community, and we look forward to continuing to serve Berlin listeners in a new capacity.

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Life In Berlin: Turning Machine Learning Into Art

Apr 26, 2017
Photo by Gianmarco Bresaola / Courtesy of James Bridle and NOME

British artist and writer James Bridle is — like many of us — trying to make sense of the overlap between digital technology and lived experience. His previous projects have tackled drones and their hidden targets and clouds and the weather. His latest show at Berlin’s NOME Gallery handles the phenomenon of self-driving cars.

Sylvain Lefevre / Getty Images

Centrist Emmanuel Macron won France's first-round presidential election, with far right-candidate Marine Le Pen in close second, leaving behind the mainstream candidates. Macron and Le Pen will face each other in the run-off election on May 7. We wanted to know what Berliners think about the outcome of the first round vote?

Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

This week on NPR Specials:

Cities are leading the way in the greening of America’s economy. From urban parks and farms to microgrids and living buildings, dynamic urban planning can adapt to changing coastlines and severe weather delivered by a volatile climate. But there’s a risk that green-living innovations become solely the domain of a privileged urban elite.

Three Things To Do This Week

Apr 24, 2017
ullstein bild / Getty Images

A few things to keep in mind this week:

It's Gallery Weekend! From the 28th through 30th there will be more vernissages and well-dressed art world visitors in Berlin than you ever thought possible. See the website or grab a map to make a plan...or just saunter along Potsdamer Straße and see what you see.

Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images

Turkish President Erdogan has narrowly won a historic referendum that greatly expands his powers. Some support came from Germany, where a majority of German Turks voted yes for the new presidential system. Turkey's main opposition party questions the validity of Erdogan's small victory. We wanted to know how Berliners view the results of the Turkish Referendum.

Life In Berlin: Pulse of Europe

Apr 18, 2017
Susannah Edelbaum/NPR Berlin

A couple thousand pro-European Union demonstrators peacefully gathered at Gendarmenmarkt on Sunday afternoon for speeches, music, and in this instance, rallying around the general theme of France, ahead of that country's election. Various speakers, from Hungary, France, Britain, Germany, and more, took the mic to expound on the importance of unity for Europe. Attendees at the Pulse of Europe demo, Berlin's ninth, gave various reasons for waving the EU flag at this non-partisan, citizens' initiative.

Three Things To Do This Week

Apr 17, 2017
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A few things to keep in mind this week:

April 22nd is World Record Store Day! Time to show your local indie record shop some love before it disappears forever. Participating shops will host in store concerts and celebrate new releases. 

Press Service of the Government of the Russian Federation

This week on NPR Specials:

‘America first!’ Donald Trump hammered out this message over and again in his inauguration speech a week ago today. He promised tariffs, a crackdown on immigration, and a restoration of American military might. He entered the White House as the least popular incoming president in 40 years.

Beer Journal With Hana And Hugh Eckermann

Apr 14, 2017
Daniel Mora

Hugh Eckermann: Berlin-Mitte is celebrating another gem on its craft beer highway – The Mikkeller Bar. Not only another craft beer hot spot, but also the new clubhouse for the Mikkeller Running Club Berlin.

Hana Eckermann: We asked Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a world celebrated brewer and creative engine of all Mikkeller projects, "What is the story behind the Running Club?"

Life In Berlin: Voices from SPD Stammtisch in Neukölln

Apr 13, 2017
Wilfried Winzer

"Ich bin 66 Jahre alt, ich bin Urberliner und Stammwähler der SPD."

This is Rene Kall, 66 years old, born and bred in Berlin, a loyal SPD voter. Kall is a regular at the "Fritz & Friends" Stammtisch - an informal get together - in Neukölln, hosted by Social Democrat Fritz Felgentreu, member of the German Bundestag. Every other month, Felgentreu invites residents of the neighborhood to discuss their concerns over a beer or two. This Thursday evening he also welcomes some new faces.


Molly Brown for NPR Berlin

Life In Berlin: "Auntie" Teams for Pregnant Refugee Women, Part 1

Dr. Bettina Gaber is pretty busy this Monday afternoon. Every chair in the waiting room of her practice for gynecology and obstetrics is taken. Still, Dr. Gaber takes her time with a young woman from Afghanistan. She wants to remain anonymous - we'll call her Malia. Malia is expecting her third child.

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Monika Müller-Kroll for NPR Berlin

Life In Berlin: "Auntie" Teams for Pregnant Refugee Women, Part 2

Khatol Sediq from the NGO Malteser Hilfsdienst sees integration as a two-way street. She believes that people from different cultures can understand each other and also respect their differences. She says it's great to get to know other cultures and to share your own culture and values.

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Elisabeth Waller

Life In Berlin: "Auntie" Teams for Pregnant Refugee Women, Part 3

"So I haven't seen her since the hospital, because I was away. So now I am back and I am very excited to see the baby today." Elisabeth Waller volunteers with the Auntie Teams for Pregnant Refugee Women; an American initiative in cooperation with the Malteser Hilfsdienst. We are on our way to visit Maryam, her husband Javad and their newborn baby Elena.

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