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German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to be a polarizing figure. Some admire her resoluteness in the refugee crisis, others despise her actions. Just recently, former Foreign minister Joschka Fischer stressed in an article that it is important for Europe and Germany that Angela Merkel remains in office. We asked Berliners at Hackescher Markt: Should Merkel run for a fourth term in 2017?

"I think she’s done things great up to now. I think she’s done a great job. I would be happy for her to be Chancellor again."

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26 years ago, West Germany and East Germany officially became one nation after 45 years of division. On Monday, October 3rd, Germany celebrates Tag der Deutschen Einheit - the day of German reunification. We asked people in Wrangelkiez in Berlin-Kreuzberg: Has Germany become a unified country?

“I think there’s a difference in generations. I think our generation is very unified.”

“To some degree, yes. I would say it gets better and better. But, I mean, the older the people are the less unified they feel.”

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Berlin's SPD (Social Democratic Party), led by Michael Müller, won the regional election last Sunday. But the SPD and the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) faced the biggest losses in their history. For the first time the right wing party AfD (Alternative for Germany) will enter the Berlin state parliament. We ask residents of Mitte: What do you think about the outcome of the Berlin elections?

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According to the report published by the Bertelsmann Foundation this week, child poverty is on the rise in Germany. In Berlin almost every third child lives in a home dependent on basic social welfare. We ask Berlin residents of Prenzlauer Berg: What can Germany do to prevent child poverty from rising?

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240,000 visitors attended this year’s IFA, one of the world’s largest trade shows for consumer and home electronics, which finished this week in Berlin. We went to the Berlin-Messe grounds where IFA took place and asked its visitors: What technology are you most excited about at IFA 2016?