Beer Journal With Hana And Hugh Eckermann

Mar 17, 2017

Hana Eckermann: We are in Berlin-Mariendorf witnessing the Stone IPA Madness.

Hugh Eckermann: This festival of German IPA's is presenting 25 beers from 17 breweries from all over Germany.

Hana: The first known use of the term IPA "India pale ale" is an advertisement in the Sydney Gazette in 1829. Pale ale, originally the British beer style, had a high hop content preserving it for the long sea journey from England to India, says the legend.

Hops pellets used in the brewing process.
Credit Hana Eckermann for NPR Berlin

Hugh: In the modern times, IPA has become the flagship beer style of the craft movement. Strong, flavorful, and very hoppy.

Hana: We are talking with Liam Urwin.

Hugh: The festival today is an IPA Madness. What can you tell me about IPA's in general?

Liam Urwin: It's a very popular beer style that's evolving all the time. In Berlin especially, you see so many different variations of the style; New England IPA's being very popular at the moment with their big, juicy, malt body.

Hugh: It's live brewing today. What exactly are you going to be brewing?

Kai Zackschewski: I am Kai Zackschewski.  I think I want to brew New England IPA, but like double IPA, so it's little more bitter then the normal New England IPA's.

Hugh: These New England IPA's seem to be what people like right now. What makes them so special?

Kai: I think it's the easy drinkability of this beer style, because it's like juice. It's hazy and it's really fruity from the hops.

IPA Madness visitors, Ben, Arne and Anthony (middle three) spoke with us about their favorite beers.
Credit Hana Eckermann for NPR Berlin

Hana: So we are talking with Thorsten Timmer. Do you like this IPA style?

Thorsten: It's not really my taste, because - how is it in English - bitter?

Thorsten: The best one I take was the Schönramer Bayrisch IPA. But my favorite will be "Altbier" from Düsseldorf.

Hugh: What have you had today, that's been outstanding?

Anthony: I am Anthony from Australia. I've only actually got 2 beers deep, so still early days, but I am liking the Callista Go to IPA variation.

Ben: My name is Ben, from the US. What I really enjoyed today was the Winterperle and the Go To IPA with Callista and Hüll Melon, both from Stone. Those were fantastic. They are both a little lighter in body so it allows the hops to really blossom, and make a really good aroma in your nose. And then on a palate very subtle bitterness - but a lot of fruity and citrusy notes from the hops.

Hana: And I am talking with...

Arno: Arno from Germany. I have only tried 5 so far, so nothing super special yet, but I really like the Go to IPA since it's easy drinkable. And we have like what - two in the afternoon so, yeah…

Hana: still have time to taste all the other 20!

Arno: Correct, yeah.

Hugh: The IPA Madness festival confirmed the current popularity of New England IPA's and a surprising trend towards IPA's with a lower alcohol content.