Berlin Stories: The Parstein Chainsaw Massacre

Aug 1, 2013

Giulia Pines
Credit Harald Franzen

A year after she moved to Berlin, writer Giulia Pines met the man who would become her husband. As part of his courtship, Pines traveled to Parstein, a small town in Brandenburg, to visit his country house.

As she spent time there, she began to meet more of the town's unusual residents, including the eccentric meat-purveyor, Bauer Krause.

Giulia Pines is a New York-born writer, editor, and translator who now splits her time between Berlin and a special little corner of Brandenburg. She has written for guidebooks, magazines, newspapers, and websites. Her latest editing project, due out soon, is 100 Favourite Places, an unconventional guidebook to be released by the website Slow Travel Berlin.

When not writing, Giulia also bakes, and occasionally sells, her own sourdough bread.

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