Berlin Stories: A People-Watcher Finds A Rare Bird

Jul 10, 2013

Credit Nick Simpson

Kreuzberg's Görlitzer Park can attract all sorts of characters on a sunny day: punks, drunk, musicians, dealers, kids, families, and everyone in between. The park is people-watching paradise, but when Ryan Eyers surveys the scene, he often finds himself transfixed by one man.

Clad in washed-out denim, oversized sunglasses, and shoulder-length silver hair, "The Don," as Eyers calls him, tosses around a plain blue frisbee with all the finesse and artistry of a Grecian athlete. Focused solely on his technique and oblivious to his audience and devoted followers, The Don seems to epitomize what make this city so wonderful and strange. 

In this episode of Berlin Stories, Ryan Eyers watches The Don of Frisbee with awe and imagines what makes him tick. 

Ryan Eyers is a writer from New Zealand living in Berlin. Recently, his writing has appeared at Kill Screen and The Bygone Bureau.