Life In Berlin: Warpigs Tap Takeover At Lager Lager

May 5, 2017

Hugh Eckermann: Lager Lager, a unique combination growler station, bottle shop and tasting room in Berlin-Neukölln is frequently hosting amazing tap takeovers.

Hana Eckermann: This time, there are five beers from the iconic Copenhagen brewery Warpigs on the tap. Lager Lager also secured a few bottles of the Warpigs limited edition of Cumulus Humulus, the New England style beer.

The Cumulus Humulus, a limited edition New England-style beer from Warpigs Brewery.
Credit Hugh & Hana Eckermann

Hugh: And I am speaking with Marke [Saaremets]. What has been your favorite beer so far?

Marke Saaremets: I think it's the session IPA, one of the best session IPAs I've ever tried - it's so rich in flavor and it's just super well-balanced, very fruity, very nice.

Octavian Pantazi: Hi, I am Octavian. I had the Lazurite IPA and it was full of hops. It was fresh and very, very powerful.

Hana: We will check with Andre [Gifkins], a co-founder of Lager Lager, what is his choice of the evening.

Andre Gifkins: The session IPA, the Power Move, is my favorite. I think it's the most balanced and drinkable, and I always look for drink-ability. We just opened a bottle of this New England style IPA and it's one of the juiciest things I have ever seen in my life. It´s crazy.

Hugh: Absolutely, the Cumulus Humulus is so hoppy it feels like you are actually chewing on hops.

Hana: I really enjoyed the Saison named Vitus the Great brewed with green tea, created in collaboration with the Chinese breweries the Boxing Cat and the Great Leap.

Andre: None of the beers that we have I could fault in any way, and that's why we pay a little bit more money for these kind of things to bring them in, because they are flawless beers.

Hugh: And what is the secret behind perfectly brewed beers? We took a little sneak peak behind the scenes in Warpigs and talked with Jacob Alsing, the Operations manager.

Jacob Alsing, Operational Manager of Warpigs Brewery, standing next to one of the brewery's ale casks.
Credit Hugh & Hana Eckermann

Jacob Alsing: We wanted it to be like in the old days, so it's basically a very old fashion type brewery: No computers, no nothing.Then, the only thing we have that is high tech here is a water treatment system so we reproduce water of lake Michigan because it gives a special flavor. We have two very skilled brewers, we have the yeast because of the yeast factory with White Labs, the good hops, because we have the sources through 3 Floyds.

Hugh: So how did 3 Floyds get involved in Warpigs?

Jacob: Mikkel and Nick and Chris from 3 Floyds - they've been really good friends for a long, long time and the whole collaboration on this has just been inspirational. Out of all the projects we've done, this is by far have been the one where I feel that we pushed the borders the most, and I am extremely proud of what we have done. Also because it´s about having fun with what you do.

Hana: ..and that´s the most important thing. We certainly had a lot of fun at Lager Lager in Neukölln tasting all the beers from Copenhagen Brewpub Warpigs.