Music that makes Fussball More Meaningful in Berlin

Jul 4, 2012
Originally published on July 4, 2012 12:44 am

It is hard not to notice that Berlin has been in a state of "fuss ball"-frenzy. As one of my friends said, "Even if you aren't into football, and don't care who wins, you have no choice but to know." She was referring to the trumpets and blaring car horns that fill the night skies of Berlin after every win. Well, on June 22, Germany lost to Italy.

I have my own theory why Germany lost: Germany never had a good fuss ball song to begin with.

While trolling the net for some "fuss ball" songs, I came across the "official" UEFA 2012 soccer song. It's "Endless Summer" by an artist from Hamburg called Oceana. I saw her in an interview. I liked her vibe and her voice. I cannot say the same for the song- vapid lyrics over a repetitive beat

This sounds more like the filler song in a club mix from an Ibiza club in the wee hours of the morning after too many drinks. Worse, it has nothing to do with football. Perhaps the producers realized this at some point and tried to remedy this by inserting shots of cute hunks kicking soccer balls around. This, together with the booty-shaking bikini girls in island shots might easily distract you from the fact that this is the official football song.

I am bewildered. Why not have some lyrics about soccer?

The lyrics in the Chorus are

"Oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah- endless summer!"

After this impressive literary accomplishment, this verse follows:

"Moving up, moving down-

keep on turning up the sound

we gonna party in the sun,

Catch the feeling have some fun

moving up moving down

let your love shine all around

You're gonna be my number one

Make my heart beat like a drum, drum, drum"

The rhyme pattern is:

down/ sound

sun/ fun

down/ around

one/ drum

Cliche and expected. Not what my old lyric writing teacher at Berklee College of Music would herald as strong songwriting. It does lull me back though- to the good old days of nursery - such as:

I'm a little teapot

Short and stout;

Here is my handle

Here is my spout.

I find the nursery rhyme more interesting as a rhyme scheme because it has two words one might not necessarily expect, like "stout" (a nice descriptive term) and "spout" (who even uses that word?)

I think they need to consult me for better lyrics next time round. Here's my brilliant take! I can't compete with pricey video shots and the gorgeous Oceana, but I added a nice little grain effect here on my computer to help me look air-brushed and give the impression of being in a music video.

Watch My Video:

"Moving up, moving down,

See those hunks running around

Catch the ball and have some fun

That one there (point in video indicatively) is my number one!

He makes my heart beat like a drum.

...and how is this as the chorus:

"Oh oh oh, there they go-oh-oh-oh

oh no no no- he's too slow-oh oh oh!

Endless runner!"

Well, that's my take on this years official fuss ball song. Have a good one! case you happened to take all this seriously...please don't.

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