NPR Berlin Question Of The Week: How Do You Feel About The Outcome Of The French Election?

May 10, 2017

39 year-old Emmanuel Macron will be the next French president. Independent Centrist Macron won the election with almost 66 percent of the vote over far-right, nationalist Marine Le Pen. In Kreuzberg, French café Le Canapé Rouge hosted a viewing party for the election and we asked some of the attendees, "How do you feel about the outcome of the French election?"

"We are happy, yeah. We are very happy tonight, especially here in Berlin where we are in the heart of Europe and it's a kind of hope for everyone here in Europe. I think it's very important to rebuild the new Europe."

"I'm glad Marine Le Pen didn’t win, yes of course."

"Yeah we wanted Macron to win."

"Yeah of course, obviously."

"It's a good thing."

"We don't want fascism in France as in America."

"I am relieved, definitely for Europe especially, you know. But at the same time, I am a little bit critical of Mr. Macron. I'm not sure that he will do his job properly. I hope he does introduce some change, but I'm far from sure."