NPR Berlin Question Of The Week: What Are Some Implications Of The Unfinished Brandenburg Airport?

Mar 21, 2017

There is only one thing clear about the Berlin Brandenburg Airport – the opening date remains uncertain. Recently, the top airport administrator was dismissed. He was the third lead executive to be discharged. Since construction began in 2006, the budget for the BER has more than doubled. In light of its troubled history of construction and management issues, we went to Tempelhofer Feld to see how Berliners feel about the ongoing situation.

"I don't think it will ever finish and it will end up as a museum."

"I think it is too much and its not good for all the people who like to have a job inside and they build this and now its not, they cannot open and yeah I hope it will be in the next years it will be finished, so."

"At this rate I'll be heading the project before they finish it. The airport needs to be expanded. I mean, Berlin's getting more and more tourists every year, and yet, the airports stays the same size, it's pretty ridiculous."

"I think it is too expensive."

"Too many opinions, and they change the leader every half year or year. Every time something fails you restart the complete system and start at zero point one."