NPR Berlin Question Of The Week: What Do You Think About The Plan To Build A New Monument?

Apr 12, 2017

Plans to build the "Monument to Freedom and Unity" have officially been approved. This giant boat-shaped seesaw, also called the "Einheitswippe," will be located next to Berlin's new City Palace at Schlossplatz. However, not everyone agrees on such a memorial. So, we went to the site and asked Germans, does Berlin need a memorial to mark Germany’s reunification?

"Um, I think it's very important to keep memories up because there are so many people still living who have lived on the other side - I’m talking about the Eastern side because I’m from the Western side. It's necessary to remember, but another monument - I’m not so sure whether monuments keep the memories up."

"They offer so much, especially here in Berlin, that it's a waste of money. But, I think it's an opinion, you know, everyone has to build their own opinion."

"I think the idea is quite nice to go on there, to walk on this monument and it's moving a little bit. At the end, I don't know that such a thing is quite funny to make such a seesaw. So, I would have liked another monument, maybe a statue more serious."

"I don't think we need such a monument because I think it's important that the airport need to be finished and not another monument."

"It's symbolic, yeah it's needed, but not for that price."