The Wall in Our Heads

Nov 7, 2014

"It will take us longer to take down the wall in our heads than any wrecking company will need for the wall we can see."

This a key sentence in German author Peter Schneider’s novel "Mauerspringer" – Wall Jumper, written in 1982. Peter Schneider reflected his skepticism of the expectations of a unified Germany. And it's also the key sentence of an art exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Washington D.C.

Many American artists lived in the city during the division. Even 25 years after the fall, the Berlin Wall is still a symbol of cultural reference and political imagination for Americans. Scholar Paul Farber researched American cultural history of the Berlin wall and curated the exhibition in Washington D.C. entitled "The Wall In Our Heads".  

The exhibition presents the work of various American artists and their work on the Berlin Wall - and shows how this wall still impacts our lives today. 

If you're in Washington, take the chance to visit the exhibition until December 15, 2014 at the Goethe Institute in Washington.