Berlin Stories

Monday and Wednesday at 11:06 during Morning Edition, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:32 during All Things Considered

Berlin Stories are short takes on Berlin featuring American, British, and Irish authors. Each vignette is approximately 4 minutes long.

Berlin Stories are produced in Germany by Anna Winger, Melanie Sevcenko, and Victoria Gosling.

The series was created to air on NPR Berlin FM 104,1.

Visit the official Berlin Stories website and archive for more details about how to submit your own story.

Courtesy of the Hans-Ulrich Klose

"The countries of the so-called West... represent today about 13 percent of the world's population. At the end of the century, it will be six to seven percent. If we want to continue to be influential in the world and participate in setting the rules, we should not grow apart. "

In the second part of our series interviewing representatives from the five major political parties, Sudha David-Wilp of the German Marshall Fund spoke to the SPD's Hans-Ulrich Klose about transatlantic relations in the run-up to the German election.

Guenter Schiffmann / Getty Images

With the German election just weeks away, the state of transatlantic relations between the U.S. and Germany is as important as ever.

As part of a special series between Berlin Stories and the German Marshall Fund, Senior Transatlantic Fellow Sudha David-Wilp interviewed representatives of Germany's five major political parties about the state of transatlantic relations in the run-up to the September election.

Berlin Stories: Can You Have A Life In More Than One City?

Aug 20, 2013
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson

When she moved from Brooklyn to Berlin on a Fulbright fellowship, writer Deenah Vollmer and her boyfriend took a sublet from an older couple who was moving west for work.

The Berlin couple was more established in their careers and had built a life in that apartment, from the baby pictures on the wall to the stylish clothes in the closet. As routine took over and Vollmer and her boyfriend became more comfortable in the sublet, Vollmer began to imagine herself taking on the life of the apartment's inhabitants.

Berlin Stories: How To Avoid Berlin Teenagers

Aug 13, 2013
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson

"Of all people, Germans really need the sun."

After suffering through Berlin's notorious winters, writer Brittani Sonnenberg was looking forward to emerald waters and sunny spring afternoons at Schlachtensee. Only a train ride away, the lakeside destination was an escape from Mitte's uber coolness.  

But when she finally arrived at Schlachtensee, Sonnenberg found herself surrounded by hoards of obnoxious, hormonal teenagers. They were loud, blasting boom boxes and drinking beer.

Berlin Stories: To 'Sie' Or Not To 'Sie'?

Aug 8, 2013

To Sie or not to Sie?

That's the question faced by Jacalyn Carley. As much as she loves her new hair dresser, his use of the informal mode of address rubs her the wrong way.