Berlin Stories

Monday and Wednesday at 11:06 during Morning Edition, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:32 during All Things Considered

Berlin Stories are short takes on Berlin featuring American, British, and Irish authors. Each vignette is approximately 4 minutes long.

Berlin Stories are produced in Germany by Anna Winger, Melanie Sevcenko, and Victoria Gosling.

The series was created to air on NPR Berlin FM 104,1.

Visit the official Berlin Stories website and archive for more details about how to submit your own story.

Berlin Stories: The 'Past Lives' Of St. Agnes Church

Aug 7, 2013

Berlin Stories: The Ghost Of We

Aug 5, 2013

Absence is present in the voice of Case Van Duzer.

His soft lyrics relate a nebulous narrative of moments, which quaver over a gentle keyboard riff in a stripped-down version of his song "Ghost of We."

Case Van Duzer makes little ditties that mix up stories and scenes from a variety of sources with naive melodies and a hodge-podge of acoustic and acoustic-sampled instruments, noises, and some occasional "tweaked" sounds just to be inconsistent. His album, Upscary, was recorded in Berlin.

Berlin Stories: The Parstein Chainsaw Massacre

Aug 1, 2013
Giulia Pines
Harald Franzen

A year after she moved to Berlin, writer Giulia Pines met the man who would become her husband. As part of his courtship, Pines traveled to Parstein, a small town in Brandenburg, to visit his country house.

As she spent time there, she began to meet more of the town's unusual residents, including the eccentric meat-purveyor, Bauer Krause.

Berlin Stories: A Dangerous Game Of Espionage In Berlin

Jul 29, 2013
Sara Krumminga
Nick Simpson

When writer Sara Krumminga arrived in Berlin, she began looking for a job as a local tour guide, a perfect gig given her interest in German history.

Many applications later, she got one call back from a tour agency. The interview went well, but instead of offering her a job as a guide, she was hired to be a "tour spy."

The job sounded simple: sign up for competitor's tours and find out what they did better. Though the task seemed easy enough, Krumminga soon found herself in a dangerous game of espionage.

Berlin Stories: The Mysteries Of The M41Bus

Jul 24, 2013
Nick Simpson

What is going on with the M41 bus line?

As soon as the route crosses from Kreuzberg into Neukoelln, the drivers completely lose their German punctuality.

The busses arrive at strange intervals, sometimes up to 20 minutes late, and sometimes piling up in a large pack. The annoyed Berliners then scramble to claim a spot on the first bus that arrives, and Ambika Thompson has seen riders resort to fists for a place on board.