Berlin Stories

Monday and Wednesday at 11:06 during Morning Edition, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:32 during All Things Considered

Berlin Stories are short takes on Berlin featuring American, British, and Irish authors. Each vignette is approximately 4 minutes long.

Berlin Stories are produced in Germany by Anna Winger, Melanie Sevcenko, and Victoria Gosling.

The series was created to air on NPR Berlin FM 104,1.

Visit the official Berlin Stories website and archive for more details about how to submit your own story.

Berlin Stories: Some Stories Are Better In Song

Jul 18, 2013
Courtesy of the Artist


In this episode of Berlin Stories, Berlin is distilled to a feeling rather than any one moment.

With nothing but her own voice, A Seated Craft captures the feeling of a cold Berlin evening and the search for warm hands to hold.

A Seated Craft is a project of Australian-born Alexia Peniguel, who has called Berlin home since 2004. 

Berlin Stories: Building An Internal Scam Alert In Berlin

Jul 16, 2013
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson

While looking for work in Berlin, American Jenna Krumminga came across an ad on the university job board seeking tall girls for a strong man competition. Though she initially thought the gig would be easy money, Krumminga found the job isn't exactly what she had in mind.

Berlin Stories: See The 'Past Lives' Of Boetzow Brewery

Jul 16, 2013


Perhaps you've seen the old Boetzow Brewery. It's hard to miss since the enormous brick building is located right near the center of Berlin.

Berlin Stories: You Know You're A Berliner When...

Jul 12, 2013
Nick Simpson

In this Berlin Story-within-a-story, a transsexual woman explains how she transformed from "Alan" to "Sophia" and became the owner of a bookstore and salon.

"What could be more Berlin than that?" Sophie Raphaeline says, laughing.

But despite her confidence now, Raphaeline wasn't always so sure of her place in the German capital.

Berlin Stories: A People-Watcher Finds A Rare Bird

Jul 10, 2013
Nick Simpson

Kreuzberg's Görlitzer Park can attract all sorts of characters on a sunny day: punks, drunk, musicians, dealers, kids, families, and everyone in between. The park is people-watching paradise, but when Ryan Eyers surveys the scene, he often finds himself transfixed by one man.