Berlin Stories

Monday and Wednesday at 11:06 during Morning Edition, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:32 during All Things Considered

Berlin Stories are short takes on Berlin featuring American, British, and Irish authors. Each vignette is approximately 4 minutes long.

Berlin Stories are produced in Germany by Anna Winger, Melanie Sevcenko, and Victoria Gosling.

The series was created to air on NPR Berlin FM 104,1.

Visit the official Berlin Stories website and archive for more details about how to submit your own story.

Finding A 'Sense Of Direction' In Berlin

May 21, 2013
A Sense of Direction
Nick Simpson

The new season of Berlin Stories premieres this week with a personal essay by Gideon Lewis-Kraus. 

While living in Berlin, Lewis-Kraus took part in a fake art gallery opening on the Brunnenstrasse. Though he had enjoyed such events during his year-long stay in the city, the writer found himself experiencing a kind of generational malaise he thought he was leaving behind in the U.S.