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Monika Mueller-Kroll / NPR Berlin

In the middle Berlin's Hauptbahnhof, Level 0, Schirin Partowi and her her ensemble AVRAM are performing between escalators and lifts. Even with people arriving and leaving, a fair amount of spectators stay to listen to this unusual concert.

It's the sixth edition of the music festival "Ankunft: Neue Musik," organized by the Contemporary Opera Berlin. For the next week, the Hauptbahnhof serves as a stage for daily concerts, films, and performances.

Berlin Wall Memorial
Joerg Carstensen / Getty Images/DPA

Yesterday, Wednesday, August 13th, marked the 53rd anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall.

The Chapel of Reconciliation, located on the former death strip at Bernauer Strasse, held a service to commemorate victims of the Wall.

The chapel's pastor, Thomas Jeutner, spoke in memory of Ida Siekmann, the Wall's first victim.

Ida Siekmann lived at Bernauer Strasse 48. The street and sidewalk of Bernauer Strasse was in the French sector of West Berlin. The buildings on the southern side belonged to the Soviet sector of East Berlin.

Monika Mueller-Kroll / NPR Berlin

When you're visiting the Berlin Wall Memorial, perhaps the last thing you'd expect to find is a rye field.

But every year since 2005, a field of rye is grown on the former death strip by the protestant parish of the Church of Reconciliation. The rye field surrounds the church at Bernauer Straße.

Axel Klausmeier is the director of the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Monika Mueller Kroll

Fashion designer Tanja Steuer likes to experiment with colors, materials, flavors and scents.  

Her storefront space at Schoenleinstrasse in Kreuzberg is a studio, a boutique, and since June, also houses a little cafe. 

Monika Mueller-Kroll / NPR Berlin

Sunjay Parekh's expectations were high leading up to the U.S. vs. Germany match Thursday evening.

Parekh is visiting Berlin from California, and he says he's sort of caught the World Cup fever here in Germany.

His friend Ronil Shah from Texas even compliments the coach of the American team, Juergen Klinsmann.