NPR FM Berlin Frequently Asked Questions

NPR Media Berlin gGmbH, a German non profit, needs your financial support. Your gift will help us to continue to provide the news and information programming you rely on.

NPR FM Berlin 104,1 provides English-speaking listeners in the city a chance to hear NPR programs along with local interviews, features, and programs.

We're grateful for a loyal and supportive following among native Berliners and the English-speaking expatriate community.

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Why does NPR FM Berlin have to raise money through semi-annual membership drives?

NPR, based in Washington, D.C., receives only 2% of its budget from CPB (The Corporation for Public Broadcasting). A significant portion of 104,1's financial support comes directly from listeners like you. This is the same model used to raise funds by NPR member stations in the States. This is the most direct way for you to support NPR Berlin.

Are donations to NPR FM Berlin from German residents tax deductible?


Are donations to NPR Berlin from US tax-payers tax deductible?

Unfortunately, a donation to NPR Berlin is not tax deductible for US tax-payers.

How Do I Select a Gift on the Donation Form?

Next to the gift, click Select, then make sure to click Add to Cart.  Watch the video.

Can I donate on my phone or tablet?

Donating to NPR Berlin on a phone, tablet, or other mobile device is easy on our new mobile-friendly donation page. Watch the video.

What time can I phone in my donation?

Listeners can donate over the phone from Monday, April 11th to Friday, April 15th between the hours of 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

What are the rules for the prize drawing?

Click here to see all of the rules for our Spring 2016 NPR Berlin Prize Drawing.

I’ve already paid my GEZ fee for the year. Why should I donate to NPR Berlin?

NPR FM Berlin does not receive any money from the German government or the GEZ. Our financial support comes primarily from our listeners.

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How much does NPR headquarters in the US pay to support NPR FM Berlin?

NPR must make up the difference between 104,1 FM Berlin operating costs and any funds raised during the membership drives.

When I pledge to NPR FM Berlin, where does the money go?

Every Euro that you pledge goes directly to the support of NPR Berlin.

Can I donate less than your suggested amount of 50 euro?

Yes, in the 'donation amount' section on the pledge form, please select 'other,' then enter the amount you wish to donate.

Are there any special NPR FM Berlin productions which can only be heard on NPR FM Berlin?

Yes - The NPR FM Berlin audio Events Calendar, Life in Berlin features, Berlin Stories (author profiles), NPR Specials in partnership with: the American Academy in Berlin, German Marshall Fund, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Deutsche Welle, Goethe-Institut, Hertie School of Governance, and other organizations.

How many membership pledge drives do you do each year?

NPR Berlin hosts two membership pledge drives per year.

Every Euro that you pledge goes directly to the support of NPR Berlin.

I’ve pledged. Is there anything else I can do to support NPR FM Berlin?

Yes! Spread the word, tell all of your friends how much you love the programs you hear on 104,1 FM.

For my first year of contribution to NPR Berlin, I chose not to receive a thank you gift. This year, I selected the coffee mug simply because I knew my mother would love an NPR Berlin mug. The mug arrived at my Berlin address in a gigantic box shipped from the US. Aside from the cost of the packaging materials (and the cost of the mug itself), it appears that shipping costs from the US were very high?

Thank you gifts are shipped from the US with a large group of other packages in bulk keeping costs to the absolute minimum, generally less than 5 euro per package.

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