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Plans to build the "Monument to Freedom and Unity" have officially been approved. This giant boat-shaped seesaw, also called the "Einheitswippe," will be located next to Berlin's new City Palace at Schlossplatz. However, not everyone agrees on such a memorial. So, we went to the site and asked Germans, does Berlin need a memorial to mark Germany’s reunification?

NPR Berlin Question Of The Week: What Makes Berlin So Attractive?

Mar 29, 2017
Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Berlin remains one of Europe's top vacation spots. In 2016, the number of trips to Berlin increased by 2.7 percent. For the first time ever, the number of international visitors has surpassed five million people. We wanted to know, what draws people to the city? So we visited one of Berlin's popular spots, the East-Side Gallery.

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2016 is coming to end as locals are looking forward to the New Year. We asked Berliners around Alexanderplatz: What are your hopes for Berlin in 2017?

Rediscovering Home In Berlin

Mar 18, 2016
Zahavah Zinn-Kirchner

Bells tinkle at shop entrances along Friedrichstraße; traffic around the Siegessäule is backed up all the way to the Opera; and the S-Bahn heading towards Gesundbrunnen is running three minutes late. If you’re a Berlin native, none of these should sound new. They’re all parts of the symphony of sounds that weave together, forming the rich and intricate fabric of Germany’s capital.

Life In Berlin: Berlin Says Goodbye To The Thin White Duke

Jan 19, 2016

“He [stood] behind me, many years when I was young, and now I’m older, more than 60 years,” says Klaus Rieken, a fan who has come to say goodbye to David Bowie at Hansa Studios' memorial service in Berlin.  

In the large hall of Hansa Studios, Eduard Meyer, Bowie’s sound engineer, is playing the cello on stage. Meyer recorded Bowie’s legendary album “Heroes” in this very building in 1977. As Meyer plays, members of the press clamor with cameras and microphones amidst a large group of people, young and old, who have come to pay their respects.