“Elie Wiesel was one of the last survivors of the Holocaust. He was the conscience of the world, you see. That was important,” says Prof. Julius Schoeps about the Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel who died on July 2nd. A voice that will be missed, says the scholar, in a life-long quest against racism and antisemitism. Schoeps, director of the Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum in Potsdam, opens a conference on the new antisemitism in Europe.

Funky Berlin Summer 2015: Third Generation Jews In Germany

Aug 20, 2015
Emily Stern

My complex about being a Jew in Germany, about feeling at home here, having a German passport: Well, what other passport would I have? I’m German! It’s complicated. I’m German, I like it here, but it’s the country that murdered my whole family.

Those were the thoughts of a 31 year old German Jew, read by David Ranan, who collected stories from the German grandchildren of Holocaust survivors for his book, The Long Shadows of the Past.

Sven Stromann-Brauer

"Try to make your life."

These were the last words Margot Friedlander ever heard from her mother.

They were relayed to her secondhand from a neighbor after Friedlander's mother was taken away to Auschwitz during WWII.

The phrase is also the title of her memoir that's just been published in a newly translated English version, Try To Make Your Life: A Jewish Girl Hiding In Nazi Berlin.