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Writer and director Andres Veiel describes Joseph Beuys as a very German artist

"And at the same time, he is very un-German because of his humor; because of his self irony."

30 years after his death, Beuys' work and ideas are revived by Andres Veiel in an extensive chronicle. His documentary Beuys just premiered at the Berlinale film festival.

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A rare moment at the Berlinale film festival, actor Sakari Kuosmanen breaks into a Finnish Tango during a press conference, instigated by director and screenwriter Aki Kaurismäki. The actor and the director have known each other for 30 years. Their latest collaboration: Kaurismäki's Berlinale entry, The Other Side of Hope - the story of a Syrian refugee and a Finnish salesman.

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Alongside the independent films, documentaries, and future blockbusters shown at the Berlinale, is the Talents Program. The mentoring platform brings together industry newcomers and established directors to foster creative dialog.

Marco Borggreve

Brahms, Bach, and Beethoven are ernste Musik—serious, "E-music." "U-music" - entertainment music - covers everything that’s not classical art music, stretching from top 40 hits to jazz. OK, so where in this German system do you place the Asphalt Orchestra?

Life In Berlin: Berlinale A-List Press Conferences

Feb 13, 2017
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Almost as much a fixture as the movies at the Berlinale, are the subsequent press conferences. The film festival is in full swing, and while those without tickets will have to wait for the roster of films to be widely released, the press conferences are viewable online. They offer some insight into a film journalist’s day, but they also reveal a high level of personal politicking and appeals aimed at the stars and directors on the panels.