Life In Berlin

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“Don’t let yourself harden in these hard times.” The lyrics by East-German protest singer Wolf Biermann have been running through Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick’s head lately. He recites them for the assembled press at Tuesday’s program preview.

Annette Hornischer/American Academy in Berlin

23 years after the founding of the American Academy in Berlin, author and journalist, Kati Marton, believes its existence is more important than ever.

Courtesy of Anthea Kreston

Violinist Anthea Kreston is not a person to sit back and observe life.

“I like to dig in and feel all the excitement, the danger and the love. Every part of life I enjoy."

Life in Berlin: Georg Wurth On Legalized Medical Marijuana

Jan 25, 2017
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This January, Germany’s parliament voted unanimously to expand the legal availability of medical marijuana. Patients with a doctor’s prescription will be able to obtain marijuana, in the form of various tinctures or the flower itself, from their local pharmacy. Health insurance companies will be required to cover it.

Alex Curley for NPR Berlin

The Women’s March on Washington, a protest against Donald Trump’s presidency, triggered hundreds of sister marches, Berlin among them. I talked with Elle Johnson, a TV writer and executive producer, who traveled from Los Angeles to Washington to participate in the Women’s March. In one of her recent Tweets she writes:

“I will attend as an act of protest because I am an educated black female liberal Hollywood elite feminist activist atheist."