Life In Berlin

The Cinematheque francaise exhibition "On the Set" is currently on display at the Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin.

Black and white photographs of movie sets in Paris, Babelsberg and Hollywood show the early days of filmmaking and how directors and crews constructed their film sets. The exhibit also documents the incredible progress filmmaking went through during the beginning of the twentieth century.

"On the Set" marks the 100 year anniversary of the Studio Babelsberg.

"People call us Germany's streetcore band number one."

Hinrich Schmidt is sitting in his kitchen in Kreuzberg drinking tea. The drummer for the Berlin band Toxpack says his band was was really the first to invent the label "streetcore" in Germany.

Schmidt describes streetcore as a cross-over mix of hardcore punk, "Oi!" punk, an apolitical off-shoot of punk, and rock.

"They gonna kind of hate you every day for one and a half years. They are going to tell you every day that you are worthless and that you have to change everything."

Berlin designer Sissi Goetze graduated with a master's degree in menswear from Central Saint Martins College in London.

Sipping Earl Grey tea in a cafe in Berlin, she euphorically talks about her time at the prestigious college.