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Verena Bruening

The smell of saw dust fills the air. Pine wood boards lean against one wall of the workshop, stacks of chairs line another.

It's the work space of Cucula in a former factory along the river Spree. Cucula Refugees Crafts and Design company is a pilot project based in Berlin. The idea: to empower five refugees from West Africa through furniture making. Ali Maiga Nouhou is one of them:

"Cucula is to speak together, to work together, to eat together."

Ali hammers a few nails into an almost finished chair.

"To build a chair is very important to me."

NPR Specials: Climate One - Fuel Forward

8 hours ago

This week on NPR Specials, Climate One engages the future of fossil fuels in the United States, and discusses possible alternatives. For now, low gas prices are boosting sales of SUVs and trucks, which compounds America’s emission of greenhouse gasses, a third of which is attributed to transportation. That’s bad news for the climate.

Life In Berlin: Maren Demant

Apr 23, 2015
Maren Demant


On Oranienstrasse, in the heart of Kreuzberg, photographer Maren Demant waits, ready, camera in hand to capture the faces of pedestrians who pass by. When an individual catches the young photographer’s attention, she asks to take their photo. This is part of one of her ongoing projects: Oranienstrasse. It’s a body of work that depicts the cultural diversity of Berlin on one of the city’s more well known streets.

courtesy of Intelligence Squared UK

This week on NPR Specials: Four heavyweight international political figures, including Pakistan’s ex-President Musharraf, have a fierce debate  on Intelligence Squared UK over the motion “the war on terror was the right response to 9/11.”

NPR Specials: The Best Of Life In Berlin 2015

Apr 10, 2015

This week on NPR Specials, some of our correspondents look back on their favorite pieces of the past year for the Life In Berlin Series, and explain why they made these selections. They share a few thoughts on Berlin, on producing for radio, and on the unique position NPR Berlin 104,1 FM has in German broadcasting.