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NPR Special: APM Reports - Rewriting The Sentence

Sep 26, 2016
Andy Cross / Getty Images

For decades, the United States' prison population has grown exponentially and today, more than two million Americans are incarcerated. But most people who enter prison eventually come out, and every year about 700,000 prisoners return to society. About half of those released will be back behind bars within three years.

André Wunstorf

Don’t call it a gallery – the Apartment Project doesn’t have white walls or regular exhibitions; they’re not out to make money and the work can’t be bought or sold. Like Berlin’s other project spaces, the Apartment Project isn’t an exhibition venue; it’s not a theater; it’s not an institution at all.

Life In Berlin: It's Never Too Late To Learn

Aug 1, 2016
BARBARA SAX / AFP / Getty Images

Marsilia Podlech is a teacher at an adult literacy organization called AOB, or Arbeitskreis Orientierungs- und Bildungshilfe. Today she’s teaching 53-year-old Lorenz Voyack about the letter “e.” Sometimes, in German, it’s pronounced as an “ee” sound, and other times, as a more stumpy “uh” sound.

Life In Berlin: The Face Of Beer

Jul 29, 2016
Hana and Hugh Eckermann.

Hana and Hugh Eckermann recently visited IPA Bar in Berlin Neukölln to check out a show, ‘The Face of Beer,’ where a photographer is using beer in a very unique way.

"They did not exactly know what awaits them, but meanwhile they decided to do what they do best: Song, dance, humor. And it turned out to be this all gave so much strength and survival will to their fellow inmates,” says Russian Jewish composer Sergei Dreznin about Theresienstadt.  This former ghetto, 30 miles north of Prague, was considered a “model” camp during World War II, where Nazis imprisoned some of the most talented Jewish artists.