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NPR News Special: The Iran Nuclear Deal

Sep 17, 2015
Brendan Smialowski / AP Photo

Also this week on NPR Specials: Few Americans remember that Iran launched its nuclear program in the 1950s with the direct backing of its then ally, the United States. That American support would turn to sanctions and threats of war over Iran's nuclear ambitions. The bitter rivals opened secret negotiations two years ago and are now party to a high-risk deal. Supporters and critics agree it's a pivotal moment -- but for better or worse?

© Just/Archiv Versöhnungsgemeinde

 Rainer Just shows me photos of the former border strip along Bernauer Strasse. Images from June 1990. Although the Berlin Wall had fallen in November of '89, the official demolition of the border fortifications started 7 months later at the corner of Bernauer Strasse and Ackerstrasse. Thousands of people attended this historic event 25 years ago. Rainer Just was among them taking photos:

"Der damalige Bausenator von Berlin West und sein Kollege aus dem Osten…"

NPR Specials: Berlin Journal Spring 2015

May 26, 2015
Jeff Rosenberg

This week on NPR Specials, The American Academy In Berlin presents the Spring 2015 publication of The Berlin Journal. This episode will engage some writers and creators featured in the recently released magazine. Some of the featured content includes:

The work of Sanford Biggers, the multi-medium artist whose works range from quilts and photographs to sculptures and installations. His work has been displayed internationally.

Mary Jo Bang's poetry, and how she drew inspiration from the Bauhaus.

Ferhat Yunus Topraklar


Amelia and Amanda are sisters. Amelia Umuhire is a filmmaker and the director of Polyglot. Amanda Mukasonga a.k.a. Babiche Papaya is a rapper, poet, and actress. They are fluent in German, English, French, and Kinyarwanda - Rwanda's principal language. They are polyglots.

In Amelia's words: "Every language has its own sphere. Those worlds, they just add up to each other, they don't take away the spaces."

Life In Berlin: The Textures And Materials Of Paula Doepfner

May 6, 2015
Courtesy of Paula Doepfner and Galerie Tanja Wagner

The gallery of the Goethe-Institut in Washington DC is having artwork installed. A shattered pane of glass mottled with splashes of paint pigment and dried flowers leans against one wall, and fine Japanese paper adorned with pressed plants and intricate pen-work hangs in the air. In the corner is a large, rectangular steel basin. This is the work of Paula Doepfner.