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NPR Specials: Hamilton - A Story of US

23 hours ago
Joan Marcus

This week on NPR Specials: Hamilton: A Story of US is a one hour Fourth of July holiday special that features the voices of students, the Hamilton cast members, biographer Ron Chernow, the irresistible super hit Hamilton score, and Pulitzer Prize winner Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Life In Berlin: The Future Of Funerals

Jun 27, 2016
Andreas Bargel

This is what most people probably imagine a funeral sounds like: Melancholic organ music reverberating through a cavernous church. But given that 62 percent of Berliners do not officially belong to a church anymore, death and funerals are starting to change.

Lily Kelting

The latest action from the controversial group, the Center for Political Beauty, is pure agitprop. It’s not only provocative - it’s also complicated.

Monika Müller-Kroll

So far, the European Championships have been okay for German football fans. Two wins, one draw - and after beating Northern Ireland one to zero, Jogi Löw’s team has met their first challenge: To win their group.

Two NPR Specials: Climate One And Breaking Fashion

Jun 20, 2016

This week on NPR Specials:

In this episode of Climate One’s National Magazine, we are going to extreme ends of the climate change debate…and action. While most of us are still comfortable sitting in the center - perhaps accepting the science, but not doing much about it – there are some organizations and individuals who are willing to jump off a bridge to convince us of the peril we face. And there are others who are using misinformation and deception to try to sow doubt in our minds about whether there is any problem at all.