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Monthly Music Tip: Zumba In Berlin

Nov 15, 2012

As Berlin gets grey and chilly, I have trouble getting pepped up to leave the house. There is one thing though, aside from work, that still gets me crawling out of bed with fierce determination and that is my bi-weekly ZUMBA.

ZUMBA is the latin-inspired dance-fitness program from the States that has become a worldwide phenomenon, now with well over 10,000,000 class participants a week in over 125 countries, and Berlin has a big Zumba community.

Behind The Scenes Look At NPR's Election Coverage

Nov 1, 2012

With only 5 days until the US Presidential Election, we have a behind the scenes look at the NPR studio that’s hosting 7 hours of live coverage on November 6th. The host of our video is Arnie Seipel, perhaps a familiar voice to 104,1 listeners; Arnie delivers the daily weather forecasts on NPR Berlin.